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 Fantage New Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Fantage New Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!   Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:53 pm

March 1th, 2010

Attention all IDFone aficionados…it’s me, Static! I am getting a brand new shipment in of IDFone items this Thursday!
Come one, come all, and grab the latest stickers, sticker sets,
wallpapers, sticker pages, and skins! These new arrivals are perfect
for celebrating the beginning of Springtime and also for wishing
someone a happy St. Patty’s Day. Let’s take a sneak peak at a few of
the newest arrivals.
Give these springtime and St. Patrick’s Day stickers to your buddies!

Cherry Blossom and Four-Leaf Clover wallpapers, skins, and sticker pages!

Don’t forget to check the Mystery Box to nab some new RARE stickersI Cant wait I Think these stickers Look awesome!!!!! I Cant wait!They look soooo cool!!!!!!!!
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Fantage New Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!
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