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 New Project, ID Fone creator

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PostSubject: New Project, ID Fone creator   Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:17 am

Guess what?
Along with DBAFFC, I'm making DBAFIDFC, long name, I know...
Stands for DBAnimeFree ID Fone Creator
Well let's change it, how about ID-FC?
Lol, anyways, it will support stickers, medals, and a regular ID Fone.
It will be released when DBAFFC is released.
No one donate to DBAFFC, x10Hosting is officialy sucky o.o
anyways, I will give out beta testing links soon... So if you have an image of a rare sticker or medals post it here xD
Thank ya!
Questions and comments below...
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New Project, ID Fone creator
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