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 Hope- Part 2

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PostSubject: Hope- Part 2   Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:25 pm

Finishing hoverboarding, Shinelly had about 5 bruises. Returning home, She put on her kimono and attempted japanese.

"Konnichiwa, kokoro!"
"Wait that makes no sense..."
Suddenly a knock on the door surprised her. It was her friend, Jacov. "Konnichiwa Jacov-Kun!"
Jacov laughed. His long golden blonde hair swayed. Suddenly shinelly had a strong blush.
"!" "Are...You...Ok?" She said. Jacov nodded. Suddenly the small brown door opened to find another of her friends. "Surprise!" It was rainarrow. She, as always, had her ash black hair in a bun. With a Lilac her mother had gave her a long time ago. Shinelly was shocked. She stared at her 2 frends. A small smile grew on her.

She showed them a picture of Silmeii. Jacov and Rainarrow were shocked at it. "You really improved from the last time I saw ya draw, I remember when stick figures, were your, forte" Rain Arrow Teased.

Shinelly blushed a little more then snatched the picture. She told them that Silmeii just came into her mind a long time ago, how much Silmeii affected her, and about the world were Silmeii lived. Jacov and Rainarrow listened carefully. Their faces were relaxed when Shinelly explained the space warrior, but sorta shocked when she mentioned the planet.

Rainarrow and Jacov decided to sleep at Shinellys house,
and noticed something incredibly strange.


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PostSubject: Re: Hope- Part 2   Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:20 pm

Ooh, that's a nice part!!! I can't wait until Part 3 comes out!! :3


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Hope- Part 2
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