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 Pixel Doll Shop!~

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PostSubject: Pixel Doll Shop!~   Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:48 pm

Following in Ary's (Anaira's) footsteps, I am really bored, so, I'm making a shop. Which you can pixel dolls in. BUT DONT IGNORE ARY'S SHOP kthx
And, the order form is really detailed. Sorry.
Some of these may not apply depending on the base you picked.
Doll Shop: Pixel dolls.
Order form: Copy and paste this.
[b]Boy or Girl?[/b]
[b]Base Number?[/b]
[b]Skin Color:[/b]
[b]Hair color:[/b]
[b]Hair length (shoulders, upperarm, waist):[/b]
[b]Hair Accessories (bow, barette, headband):[/b]
[b]Shirt Color:[/b]
[b]Hip-length or above belly button:[/b]
[b]Shirt Pattern (stripes, diagnol, checkers, etc):[/b]
[b]Pants Color:[/b]
[b]Pants length:[/b]
[b]Cuffs rolled up?[/b]
[b]Shoe color:[/b]
[b]Shoe style:[/b]
SDJKFHSDD sorry for long form.
Here are the bases.
I made them ALL MYSELF
well i mean i used pictures for some of them but you get the idea.
and for one of them, you have absolutely no control over what the hairstyle is.
because it has hair already. [/brick'd]
These are in order of when I made them...Oldest first.
Don't worry about the shading on some of them-I'm definitely changing it.
Particularily the first few bases.
And adding the shading to bases, too. So It'll be shaded when you order.
And I'd also like to apologize for the excessive details on what the base is.
Base 1 - Hair Option - Girl Base
Base 2 - Two bases, one or the other - Left can be girl or boy - Wings, Horns, & Halo Option - Please say left or right
Base 3 - Spongebob Option - Girl Base
Base 4 - Vocaloid Base (fer those who know) - Hair Option - Girl Base Base 5 - Girl Base - Portrait (just shoulders & up)
Base 6 - Girl or Boy Base - Portrait (just shoulders & up)

Base 7 - Girl Base - So many options, you cant believe it - Neko Base
Base 8 - Girl or Boy Base

PLEASE. If you are using a base with options, say which options you want! Example: For Base 7, say sign/box/empty, or for base 1, say you want the hair option

Thank youu~

Sorry if I was excessive ;-;

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PostSubject: Re: Pixel Doll Shop!~   Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:57 pm


Base 4 plees!

Boy or Girl? Girl
Base Number? 4
Skin Color: Tanned
Expression: :DD
Hair color: Tealish, just leave it the base's hair color
Hair length (shoulders, upperarm, waist): Leave it :>
Hair Accessories (bow, barette, headband): Bow, on the right side of her head, black
Any streaks? If so, what color? black or white, you choose :>
Shirt Color: black
Short-Sleeve/Long-sleeve/Tanktop/Strapless: Strapless
Hip-length or above belly button: Above belly button
Shirt Pattern (stripes, diagonal, checkers, etc): none
Pants Color: blue
Pants length: right above the knees
Cuffs rolled up? yus!
Shoe color: black
Shoe style: high heels...?

Danke~ :>
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Pixel Doll Shop!~
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