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 Nyooroon.. Hope-Part 4

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PostSubject: Nyooroon.. Hope-Part 4   Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:29 pm

Rainarrow, She put her bright orange lilly on her chest. "Clu..Call.Her...."
The lilly dissapeared. And a small flute took its place.
Rainarrow put the flute against her mouth, and began to play.
A eerie melody circled the room. Her 2 buns moved swiftly, almost as if Wind suddenly entered.
The room started to be filled by lots of lights, all different colors.
A voice started to fill the room.
"Red..Yelllooow....Bluee....and Green......"
And on The table, appeared a young women. 20 looking.
She wore glasses and long brown hair in 2 braids.
"Give me the flute Rainy..But you need practice, maybe you can play it instead."
Her apron touched rainarrows face.
"....Chaos.....Your the music master...."
A smile came across Chaos. "But Rainy, your so good at it!"
Jacov stood in horror. Chaos was wearing a Pink witches hat, followed by a maids outfit.
Rainarrow stared.
"Uh, well ok."
She started to play a deep note. And suddenly the face of Chaos turned dark.
"Slowly......Mysterieeeess shaaalll reeeveeaaal......
Gooo aheeadd....I kknoooww iitsss yooouuuu...
Swwaaayyy yooourr faaaaacee slooowlly...
Siideee tooooooo siiideeeee....
ssaaaayyy goodddbbyeee tooo thhiisss hhorrrriiiblllleee wooorldd....
Maaassteeer Sliiiimmeeeeiiii.....
ooooohhhh goooooooooooodddbbyyyyyeeeee......
illlllllllllllllllllllllllllll seeeeee yoooouuuu llaaattereerrr...
innn ooourr kinndgom....

And no one was in the room anymore.
Not even Shinelly.


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Nyooroon.. Hope-Part 4
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