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 Love Story (sort of) Part 3-4

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Hero Fantagian

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PostSubject: Love Story (sort of) Part 3-4   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:14 pm

Act 3

( screen opens to Pokéranger at Grace’s house )

( Pokéranger knocks on door )

( Grace opens door )

Pokéranger: Hey Grace…

Grace: (happily) Hey Pokéranger!

(Pokéranger gazing in the sky)

Grace: (looks suspicious) Are you ok?

Pokéranger: Oh, yeah…

Grace: Well, ok…

Pokéranger: So what’s up?

Grace: (happily) So I met up with an old friend from when I was small!

(guy comes in)

Grace: Pokéranger this is Da…

Pokéranger: (surprised) Damien?!?

Damien: (surprised) Pokéranger??

Grace: So I guess you guys have met?

Pokéranger: (blushing) Ya, we bumped into eachother on my way…

Pokéranger: So how did you meet Damien, Grace?

Grace: (happily) Well, when I was little, we were at Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream place! When I received my ice cream, it fell and I started falling. Later, Damien got me a new ice cream! We later introduced each other and started to hang out!

Damien: Yes, I remember you were so cute and little back then Grace!

(Grace giggles)

Pokéranger: Well, why don’t we all just get some ice cream?

Damien and Grace: (happily) Sure!

Act 4

(Pokéranger, Damien, and Grace appear eating ice cream)

Damien: So, do you girls have any relationships?

Grace: No, why?

Damien: Just wondering, how about you Poke? It’s fine calling you Poke right?

Pokéranger: Sure, Poke is fine. (blushing still) Hmm….

Damien: So do you have a relationship Poke?

Pokéranger: No…. I used to…

Grace: (looking suspicious) You never told me Pokéranger!

Pokéranger: I was so scared to!

Damien: So why not tell us now?

Grace: Ya! We’re your friends!

Pokerangér: (takes deep breath) Fine…

(screen opens with Pokeranger and ex boyfriend)

(pokeranger talking)

Pokéranger: It all started when I was at the Star Café, I was having a cup of coffee. There were no seats for other customers except there was space in my table. He later asked if he could sit there, I accepted. We later started talking. We started to hang out together. I later started to fall for him. He then asked me out after a month or two. I thought we were the best couple ever. There was not a single day I did not receive roses from him, some candy hearts for me, or anything that made me happy. Until one day, a girl named Marigold started to flirt with him…

(appears a girl flirting with the boy at the beach)

(Damien and Grace eating popcorn)

Pokeranger: He later then started to fall for her. He started to not call me, take me out on a date, or at least give me a visit. I was worried. I called him. He wouldn’t pick up. I headed to my car and drove all over Fantage. He wasn’t anywhere until I reached the beach. There he was with Marigold. They were kissing. I was shocked. I started to cry. He then saw me…

(boy looks at Pokéranger)

Pokerangér: I couldn’t understand him. He later said he stopped liking me. He fell for Marigold. Marigold looked at me with a face. I knew what she was trying to do now. She was trying to take that boy away from me. So, she actually won. That ends my story. I haven’t went on a date with anyone ever since.

Grace: Why have you been keeping that from me?

Pokéranger: I was afraid. That story really gives me a pain…

Grace: (takes deep breath) It’s ok.

Pokéranger: (looks at them) Wait a minute, how did you guys get the popcorn?

Grace: From, uh, somewhere.

(Pokéranger looks at them)

Grace: Fine, from your purse.

Pokéranger: Oh whatever

Damien: What was his name?

Pokéranger: His name was…

(Pokéranger faints)

Grace: Pokeranger!!! Damien! Try to wake her up! I’ll call 911!

Damien: Ok. Pokeranger! WAKE UP!!!

(Grace dials 911)

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PostSubject: Re: Love Story (sort of) Part 3-4   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:30 pm

Great Story! Can't wait for more, Poke!



pm me for social media accs! <3
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Hero Fantagian

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PostSubject: Re: Love Story (sort of) Part 3-4   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:31 pm

Thanks. Its ok I guess
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PostSubject: Re: Love Story (sort of) Part 3-4   

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Love Story (sort of) Part 3-4
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