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 Hope- Part 6.

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PostSubject: Hope- Part 6.   Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:46 pm

A smalll hush fell over Shinelly.

"Slimeii??" Her short blondehair and gray eyes were flowing.

"I....Im Shinelly...."

Chaos gave a nod.

"Or are you..."

I noticed to see RainArrow and Jacov next too each other.

"HAha.....Nice one...Whered you get the invisible hoveboards?"

"Shinelly, we dont need Hoverboards now..." Said rainarrow.

"We are now going to a new place, a place where people ride staffs... And where your famous..." Chaos smirked.

Shinelly was surprised. "Whaat??"

"Shhh.... Slimeii..... Were almost there...."

Shinelly smiled.

"I hope this dream dosnt end.."

And cmae back to sleep in Chaos arms.


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Hope- Part 6.
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