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 Straw's 3RD Siggie/Banner Shop [CLOSED DUE TO NO ORDERS]

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PostSubject: Straw's 3RD Siggie/Banner Shop [CLOSED DUE TO NO ORDERS]   Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:32 pm

Here's my 3RD banner/signature shop! The 1st one is old, and my 2nd one got deleted today when I got hacked. Please fill out the forum if you want one! Here's a picture of what all of the fonts that you can use look like! (Open the spoiler to see it)

Here's the forum:
Font for text: (Ex, Pencil, brush 3, or anything in the spoiler)
Background Color/Style:
Anything Else:
If so ^^, what font with (spoiler again):

Here's an example! (Open spoiler)

Thanks for ordering!
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Straw's 3RD Siggie/Banner Shop [CLOSED DUE TO NO ORDERS]
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