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 My Delicious Day [11/6/011]

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PostSubject: My Delicious Day [11/6/011]   Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:55 pm

Today I went to Flower Bakery with my sisters...they are majorly hyped up by the sugar and are currently playing the most bizarre Barbie game I have ever seen children play. I ate the most delicious cookie...dark chocolate and hazelnut ^^.

I tried to get Mabinogi to work and ended up nearly smashing the computer in frustration. Never try to smash something denser than you are.

I scared myself half to death reading some Creepypastas. I've been reading Homestuck too, and it's awesome! Very Happy

I gave my parakeet a new toy and she's been staying as far away from as possible; birds are so guinea pig liked her new toy though.

Sorry if that was boring...
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My Delicious Day [11/6/011]
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