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 Wanna cause a fight? Or sumting? [11/21/2011]

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PostSubject: Wanna cause a fight? Or sumting? [11/21/2011]   Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:14 pm

O: Fasho today was bad. Everytime, these girls came to play volleyball with us, Crystal just left to talk to Martin. As she saw I wanted to, she just runs up to him. I admit it. I like Martin. As sweet and quiet as he is, I want him to know that I is jealous. I don't know show much, seeing how people have a terrible perspective of me liking Jacob. UGHH. I want to stop liking Martin. :/ Out of all people, him. I FEEL SO SADD. So yeah. All this jealously brought me to one point. I like Martin. Okay? No telling? Promise? Kay. We're good. kbai.
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Wanna cause a fight? Or sumting? [11/21/2011]
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