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 Yay and Nay.... 12/5/11

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PostSubject: Yay and Nay.... 12/5/11   Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:25 am

So yesterday at school, the school decided to put on a Wings Award thing.
For the people who dont know what wings are...
WINGS: Your either ahead or on pace with your school work.
You have to have signatures from your teachers saying "Yes I allow this student to have wings." And a signatre from your parents to show that they know if your getting your wings or not.
So I got mine and that ment I could go to the wings award they were putting on. (A magic show) It may not sound all exciting but the guy was SO good. He was also really funny and Sooo amazingly talented. And he still goes to our school yet he's starting to preform other places too!
So yesterday was a great day, but I have to do a fitness test today and im not all that excited for it.....
And im wearing my pajamas to school with my friends!!!!! :D
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Yay and Nay.... 12/5/11
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