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 Orchestra and Band Concert [12/15/11]

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PostSubject: Orchestra and Band Concert [12/15/11]   Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:14 pm

So today was the parent concert for orchestra and band. Yesterday we did the school concert, but the audience weren't really into it. They were only happy because they got out of class lol xP
We had to arrive at the band room @ 6:00 PM but our teacher wasn't there yet, so we had to stand in the freezing cold :[ finally the teacher came and let orchestra in first (since we had to perform first) We all got out our instruments and the teacher tuned it at the piano. After that, we all went upstairs to the auditorium and sat down in out assigned seats. We all sat in an arch form. The viola players sat on the right side of the stage, then it was cellos were were behind us, then violin 2's players sat next to the violas, then violin 1's, and then basses were at the very back of the stage. The teacher was tuning the band instruments after us, so we started messing around behind the curtain. I had to go downstairs to get my phone, The door was locked, however, I didn't know that. When I tried to push the door open, I slammed my face against the door lol. I was okay, but nose hurt like heck >.< Someone heard me and opened the door from the inside. I said thank you and grabbed my phone. When I went back upstairs, Michelle, Lauren, and Alex suddenly jumped out and scared me. I was like "DUDE YOU ALMOST MADE ME DROP MY INSTRUMENT" but they were just laughing ;A; I went behind the curtain to take a peek at the audience. There were only a few people. 15 minutes later, the lights dimmed. We were like "OMGSHHHHHBEQUIETTHECONCERTISSTARTINGPUTYOURINSTRUMENTSINREADYPOSITIONNOWNOWNOWWWWSHHHHHH"
When the curtains opened, the whole auditorium was filled with people. I started getting butterflies in my stomach lol. We were playing a song called "Veni Jesu" first. I had to play a solo with a violin 1 player named Michelle near the end of the song. When the song was over, Michelle and I looked at each other and we were like "thank god thats over"
Then the second song came called "Boogie Man Blues". This time, Lauren ( a viola player ) and Giovanni ( a violin 1 player ) played two different solos. They were so good ;~;. Finally were played through the third song called "Minuet"
After the concert, there were refreshments and food. Michelle, Maria, Abriana and I started scarfing down the food lol. After we ate, we all said bye to each other and we went home. It was a really good day c:
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Orchestra and Band Concert [12/15/11]
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