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 DaisyFlower143 Siggy Shoppe

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PostSubject: DaisyFlower143 Siggy Shoppe   Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:19 am

Hello Everybody!!!!

Im gonna make you a free siggy if you want. Very Happy Very Happy


Fantage character:

RULES: Dont gonna Rush me because i am busy sometimes..
and please dont say bad on my siggy if my siggy edits is bad just keep it in your self because it can hurt somebody. thank you.

Click the spoiler.

AND MOST IMPORTANT: Tell me what is the style of your siggy i mean tell me what is the style you want in the siggy.

AND LAST: Please if you choose the fantage character please make it PNG.. thank you.
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DaisyFlower143 Siggy Shoppe
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