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 Christmas traditions

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Passionate Fantagian

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PostSubject: Christmas traditions   Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:56 pm

Merry Christmas Eve! ;3
I woke up and I smelled the most amazing thing ever, Lekvar cake. Yeah, it sounds really weird. But it's this pie kind of crust filled with plum jelly and it's so yummy. It's not Christmas without Lekvar. <3
So, what's your favorite Christmas tradition? Is it baking cookies? Opening presents? Or simply just being with your family?
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Devoted Fantagian

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas traditions   Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:05 pm

Being with my family most of all.

And opening presents Ii used to bake cookies when I was 4 or 5 c:
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Christmas traditions
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