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 i feel horrible

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Melissa H.
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PostSubject: i feel horrible   Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:02 pm

my and my ex BFF had a fight buz i think she lies all th time but once i had a fortune cookie tht said 'once somone lies to you you csn never trust that person agian even if they are telling the truth'

and we know all each others passwords i just deleted her account on youtube she did it to me also.

but i just looked at a vid she commented on tht said she got a laptop dance central 2 just dance 3, an electric scooter (wich is awesum) and an american girl doll (and more) so i tole her that thats crazy. so i told her to send me a pictue of everything except the scooter. and she said her pfone cant take pictures!!

it can she has a half ways smartphone at 8 years old!!!!!

i just have a slide fone! and i have 100 pix! she has 4 and she can take 1 pic of the things i asked!!

then she said im acting stupid,

then i said well excuse me for you (one name tht doesnt need to be mentioned) and (another name tht doesnt have to be mentioned) then she said HOW DARE YOU CSLL ME (tht second unmentioned name) stop being a dog!
(she said dog not b***).

i just finished deleting her from everything except my fone still far

now we just said to eachother we cant belive we were ever friends

(i never thought her of a BFF shes way to young not that theres anything wrong with being younger just she copys me all the time).

we still have to sit next to eachother on the bus until may i hope our bus drive switches seats tomarrow!!

what do i do!?!?!
i regret posting this just dont make me feel bad with posts please i know i acted stupid just dont say anything mean im already having a crappy time
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PostSubject: Re: i feel horrible   Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:25 am

Umm, @ your last sentence, if you don't want anyone to judge you but you feel the need to post, I suggest you getting yourself a blog.

& I had a difficult time understanding what you have just explained but let me try to rephrase this. Your "ex-BFF" is a liar... you think. So you guys argued about phones and their ability to take pictures because you wanted proof. Then ya'll just started vomiting names at each other. Now you are confused because you have to sit through that awkwardness in the bus (BEENNNTHEREOMG. hecka.awkward..).

Just sit normally and don't talk if you don't feel like it. If you don't wanna make up that's your choice, so just act like you're sitting next to a stranger, but that doesn't mean rudely ignore.
If you do wanna make up, apologize and let it go.

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i feel horrible
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