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 Nice Day [12/1/12]

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PostSubject: Nice Day [12/1/12]   Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:36 pm

Well me and my friend Shantel were playing ninja since we had indoor recess because it was -31 outsideyes, were nerds that is why I love her. SO... I pretended to go to the washroom and when she turned around I put a eraser down her back and she chucked a eraser at my neck trolololshe's an awesome ninja. Yes I did find that funny.
Anyways I was on the floor for about 5-10 minutes thinking of what I should do to her.

ANYWAYS. We had to do a project on animals I picked the Rhinoceros. because there the closet thing to a unicorn My friend Hanna said their the real life Unicorns except they are fat and ugly trolololol. I swear I could of died because I laughed too hard.
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Nice Day [12/1/12]
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