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 Add-on Story!

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PostSubject: Add-on Story!   Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:27 pm

Okay I start the story and then you keep adding onto it (please dont end it suddenly, nobody likes that)

"Haru, come back please! You know I didnt mean it! C'mon!"
"Aki, your jokes about me are getting old. Just...leave me alone."
"Dont bother talking to me ever again because your not my friend. I dont know you."
Haru walked away with clenched fists so tight, the tops of her knuckles began to turn white.
Ugh! I dont need Aki. Ever since seventh grade, shes always been trying to impress the clique with snappy remarks at losers like me. Im just sick of it!
Aki stared at where Haru just sat with bewildered eyes. Her rice ball dropped to the floor.

(continue on! =^.^=)
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Add-on Story!
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