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 *pant pant pant* (WARNING: PAGE STRETCH)

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PostSubject: *pant pant pant* (WARNING: PAGE STRETCH)   Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:23 pm


It took awhile. It is a running motion. It is not uploaded to youtube... yet. I will upload it tomorrow after school... or maybe on Friday. Ehh... it takes a little while for my mmd animations to render when I am on my mom's laptop, but I will show pictures! (they are not in spoilers. I was too lazy to put them in spoilers)

I was gonna use Len, but I decided to use Rin.

Frame 0:

Frame 4:

Frame 6:

Frame 8:

Frame 12:

And it just repeats.

Here is how the "movement registering" looks (I have no idea what it is actually called):

It is 312 frames long, which is about 10 seconds.

There are flaws when you watch the animation...

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*pant pant pant* (WARNING: PAGE STRETCH)
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