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 Our last day together. Episode 2

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PostSubject: Our last day together. Episode 2   Sun May 06, 2012 2:35 am

Mary was kissing Dylan and he enjoyed it! Kylie screamed so loud that everyone in the Cafe jumped up. Kylie ran over and yanked Mary off of Dylan. "What are you doing!" Kylie yelled. Kylie was so upset and angry at Mary that she slapped Mary and yelled, "We are over with the friendship!" Kylie grabbed Dylan and marched out of the Cafe.

The next day at school while Mary was walking in she heard everyone talking about the night before. Some popular girl who was one of Kylie's other friends walked up to Mary and said, "Well well well look who it is. The girl who upset my friend." The girl was named Juliet and she was the most popular girl in the 9th grade. Kylie walked over with the whole class and they all ganged up on poor Mary.

Suddenly the most saddest thing ever to happen to Mary was going to happen.
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Our last day together. Episode 2
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