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 Sharpsul's Dream- #1

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PostSubject: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Mon May 03, 2010 8:16 pm

Creator's Notice

Some of the events in this story happened in real life, and half of it was added to add action to the story.

Chapter 1- Hate And Sacrifice

It all happened to me, like I was the fool of the school. Jerks. School was school. I wanted to get things done, and LEAVE! Don't gossip with me, don't annoy me, I'm getting my social educational needs, and going. I had enough with the "Pushing-Sharpsul-Around" monkey business.

One day, things went upside down. COMPLETELY. The day me and my best friend, Corey, faced our true nightmare. But in between us, there was a bond to our special friendship.

Hate and Sacrifice.

April 20th:

"Calm down Sharpsul! You and Miranda can talk things out-"

"I'll do what I need to do!" I screamed, running to Miranda, I ran like there wasn't one more minute to Earth.

Miranda was the girl I liked, except I had no idea if she liked me back or not. Sometimes she acted like she did, sometimes she acted like she didn't. How ironic.

"Huh, what?!" she said, backing up.

"You played me..." I said, panting, trying to breathe.

"What are yo-"

"You know what I'm talking about!" I shouted, really angrily.

"You never said you liked Patrick, you played me for 3 days!" I said, still panting.

She acted like she didn't know what I was talking about, but if she' gonna play the innocent game, its time for Hard Ball.

"Sharpsul!" Corey shouted from the back, catching up to me.

"Sharpsul, Patrick likes me. He did everything for me, and-"

"Why didn't you tell me?!" I screamed, starting to lose it, I lost control and ran to Miranda, but Corey was grabbing onto my arms, holding me back.

Miranda's eyes grew, and she ran to the back field.

"She'll regret it!" I shouted.

Corey looked surprised, he let me go, and he talked.

Chapter 2- Love Turns Forward

For the past 2 days, Corey was trying to calm me down. I wasn't done with my little talk with Miranda.

Miranda has blond hair, and she would usually wear blue clothes and has this little purple sweater for outdoors. She has blue eyes, and she usually tries different styles everyday, but she mostly wears her blue shirt, and pants.

April 23rd, 2010:

"Sharpsul, Miranda didn't exactly play you. She was going through stuff."

"No, because she never told me about this. I'm really mad, because she never told me PATRICK LIKED HER!" I shouted, when I sat with my lunch.

Corey was smirking, acting like a fool, AS ALWAYS. Welcome to planet Earth, Corey.

"I'm not laughing Corey!" I shouted at him.

I hate how he always jokes around about things, when the situation is serious.

"Dude, listen. You realize she likes Patrick? She was tricking you, of course!" he said to me, another joke of course.

"Yeah, OK, are you gonna help me or not?" I asked, rolling my eyes at the fool.

"No, I'm serious." he said.

I paused, and spit my foot out.

"You mean...."

"Yeah." I said.

"We'll spy on her, because I had my limits with her lies." I said.

"Wait, we can't! She'll think something's up!" he said, really serious now.

"Because something IS up!" I said.

1:30 P.M:

Me and Corey walked around, and we saw Miranda. She was with her friend, which is me and Corey's enemy in a sort of way, Summer.

I don't get why she hates us. It's really just.. weird.

Patrick was there, of course! Ugh.

"Patrick," she said.

Then I popped up near her, and Corey came too.

"I knew it!" I said, but Corey froze. It was the WRONG time for him, no incorrect answer for that.

"Whoa!" Patrick shouted, backing up.

"You listen, pal." I said, getting closer to Patrick.

"Sharpsul?!!" Miranda shouted, and she was shocked. Corey was frozen, he was in the middle of it. Poor guy.

"Miranda, I am TIRED of-"

"Sharpsul, stop!" Corey said, grabbing my shoulders. He knew I was going crazy, but I couldn't take this insanity any longer.

"Sharpsul, you crazed idiot!" Summer said, pushing me back.

I fell, and got angry at Summer, but my problem was Miranda.

"Uh... Sharpsul." Miranda said.

But she didn't finish, she ran.

"She's mine Sharpsul." Patrick said, running after Miranda.

The greatness of Patrick the idiot has grew to the next level.

Chapter 3- Dreams Upside Down

April 24th:

I came into school, and saw Miranda and Patrick hanging out.

I was not in the best mood to talk. I was really mad, at MIRANDA.

I wanted to call her a mililion things, but you know, girls and their "culture".

Later at recess, Corey saw me emotional. I was sitting near the gate, and Corey sat next to me.

"I know your mad, but Miranda isn't facing your true facts." he said, putting his sweater on.

I couldn't really speak, my eyes were burning of extreme anger.

"It hurts." I said, looking down.

Corey doesn't joke around when my anger is at %100. He tries to talk about situations with me, but this time, I wasn't in a happy mood.

What doesn't shine up my day, is that Miranda came over, with Patrick, and Summer.

"Not a good time." Corey said with a serious-regular looking face.

"It's important." Miranda said.


I looked up, with my burning eyes looking straight into her eyes.

Feel the guilt, my friend.

"I'm sorry I lied, but Patrick cares about me. I can't bail on him." she said, sitting next to me.

She actually... said sorry.

I thought of an idea after that, but I didn't say it aloud. I'd tell Corey later.

"Why did you lie?" I said in a almost-crying voice. I was really about to shed my tears.

"I... just didn't want to make you upset and waste your time. Please forgive me." she said.

But then, Summer kicked me in the leg.

"Ow!" I said, really angry at Summer.

"Not yet.." she whispered, but when she said "not yet", I had it.

My eyes grew big.

I ran off, and Corey was calling my name.

"Your cold!" he said to Miranda, and he followed me.

I hope Miranda feels guilty for the rest of her life!

Chapter 4- Breaktown of Tears

April 24th: 4:00 PM After School

I was really beat down. I didn't want to talk to anybody. I was just in my room, barely trying to sleep. Sleep sometimes calms my nerves, but this time, nothing was working. I officially went through a nightmare.

I lie there on my bed, with my hands on my forehead. I couldn't think straight. All I know was, I got played again.

I had the radio on. The song "Forever Young" was on. It was a really great song, it just gave me memories.

But it just made me more depressed, I had to change the song.

As the last words were playing, "I wanna be, forever you-", I switched the song.

But "Hey There Delilah" was on, another depressing song.

I felt so weak and destroyed, I just put my head to the ground, and just sat there.

I cried, I cried so much tears, I saw a puddle on my rug.

"WHY DID YOU DO THIS MIRANDA?!!" I screamed in the room.

It was the first great pain I ever felt.

Chapter 5- Ripped Line

April 25th:

I walked into the classroom, and looked at Miranda. She was unpacking.

I walked to my desk, and unpacked. But before I could bring out any folder or book, I got flipped.

I landed on the hard floor with a "THUMP".

"Ow!" I said, struggling to get up.

Summer flipped me, of course.

She laughed, and went back to her desk.

I rolled my eyes, and got back on my feet.

"Dude, you didn't call me last night." Corey said, walking with his folder.

As I walked with him, I said, "I was in bed, I was too upset to do anything.".

"I guess you were right, you did get played." he said, handing in his folder, I handed it in as well.

I got through most of the day, until recess, which I now call "Insanity Ville".

Me and Corey sat at the gate, waiting for Miranda. We had our hands in our lap, and our eyes half closed to show our serious look.

As Miranda came, Corey walked off, it was part of the plan.

"Sharpsul.." Miranda said, but I stopped her before she could say she was sorry.

"I had enough of your little sorry tricks!" I screamed at her, which terrified her.

"I just wanted to say that I talked to Patrick, but if your not gonna forgive someone you really like, then don't talk to me!" she shouted, crying.

I froze.

She was right, I was being an idiot.

"I'm never knew, I'm sorry." I said, feeling really bad.

Miranda wiped her last tears, and then she smiled, and said "OK".

But someone and something was tricking me....

NEXT TIME: Chapter 6- Teamwork: Nightmare and Reality

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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Mon May 03, 2010 8:17 pm

Nicee Sharpie!

Can't wait for more! :DD


pm me for social media accs! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Wed May 05, 2010 6:05 pm

Hey guys, I'm gonna write two chapters today. Make sure to come back to this topic Wink.,
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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Wed May 05, 2010 7:51 pm

Well, the idea is a bit cliche.
And it seems like the plot isnt moving.


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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Wed May 05, 2010 8:12 pm

I dont like this miranda person, hmmmm, stupid person, lol.

its good, cant wait to see more, XD

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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Thu May 06, 2010 5:21 pm

I'm writing Chapter 4 and 5 right now!
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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Thu May 06, 2010 5:49 pm

Cool story, Sharp.
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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Thu May 06, 2010 6:03 pm

Thank you Beauty.

Chapter 4 and 5 are out! I am gonna try to make this story a realy good story, like Sharp the Fantagian #1.


Chapter 6- Teamwork: Nightmare and Reality

Chapter 7- Rewind

Chapter 8- Infinity
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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Thu May 06, 2010 6:12 pm

If this is true, Sharpsul, you're falling head over heels for this girl o.o
She is playing you...
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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   Thu May 06, 2010 6:14 pm

Actually, part of this is real. The "playing" part happened, but only little bits of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Sharpsul's Dream- #1   

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Sharpsul's Dream- #1
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