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 Soccer Stadium :D [6-16-12]

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PostSubject: Soccer Stadium :D [6-16-12]   Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:18 am

Yeah, I know its not the sixteenth. But it happens yesterday. /if you have my timezone.
Okay anyway, I went to a soccer stadium. :3 The teams were, "Dynamos" vs. "Dallas". It was really fun to watch, expect that some of the teammates in both team's fell a lot.
The thing that was funny was how, most of the stadium were Dynamo fans. While there was a tiny section of Dallas fans. xD Also the Dynamos won, so BEAT THAT DALLAS >:DD /no offense to the Dallas fans. I'll show you pictures when I feel like it.
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Soccer Stadium :D [6-16-12]
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