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 RRD-Rufistar's Random Drawings

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PostSubject: RRD-Rufistar's Random Drawings   Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:56 pm

Here are some on my drawings...

My Tiger Archer (she's not gonna shoot the frog, just curious)

My Tiger Demon (he has strapped on wings)

Festus (latin for "happy") the dragon canine

Happy animals! This was a flag design. Does this make a good flag? (won't be offended)

My alligator.

My dragon. I drew this with a mouse not a tablet!

Also, I draw better with a pencil. I have some better drawings, but they are on regular paper and I haven't bothered to scan them.

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PostSubject: Re: RRD-Rufistar's Random Drawings   Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:59 pm

They are really good! And it does make a good flag. I stink at drawing on the computer.
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RRD-Rufistar's Random Drawings
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