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 RP Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: RP Rules & Guidelines    RP Rules & Guidelines  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 2:29 pm

So these are some rules that Cym/Richter wrote out forever ago but they're pretty good so I'm putting them in instead of writing my own. <3

No Killing!
You can't go up and stab someone and say they died. It's not fair to them.

No Playing Someone Else
You may NOT say something like this;

Greg: Greg swung at Billy with all his might, but no matter what he did, Billy kept trying.

That's playing someone else's character - it's not fair to them.

Give Your Opponent A Chance
If you are battling someone, give them a chance to attack back! Don't just shoot a guy in the leg! Say something like this;

Greg: Greg aims for Billy's leg and fires.

Billy: Billy rolls out of the way.

See, now that's playing fair.

Don't Interrupt
Don't just hop in on the RP if it's a dramatic moment.
Say Greg is injured...

Greg: Greg blacks out with blood seeping from his chest.
Billy: Billy walks onto the scene. "What's up guys?"

That's extremely rude. Let the RP get through the dramatic or sad part, THEN make your entrance.

No Invincible Characters
There are to be NO invincible characters.
You don't have to die, but you do have to get hit every once in awhile.
You can't be 'gods' either.
S's Guidelines

Okay so in most role plays you will generally have only one character, unless otherwise specified by the creator.

Unless you're playing in a chat style role play you're going to want to write in third person, (Omniscient usually).

NOT like:
"Lol, that was pathetic." Said Jenna

YES like:
"That was pathetic," Jenna snorted as she stared at Jim who was currently face planting in the dirt.
"You weren't lying when you said you were an acrobat were you?" She asked, her lips twisting into a cold smile. She couldn't believe this guy actually thought he was good enough to join her group.

See how this example gives you an idea of how she feels and what her expression is. That is an example of good role play and how you should try to write.

Dropping Out
If you drop out, or quit, an RP, you must stop posting in that topic. You are not allowed to continue posting or playing once you've quit.

Applications: Here you will write out the general basis and theme of your roleplay and the application for people to join.

Role Play: Where role plays start, pretty simple. You just post the start of the roleplay.

Private Role Play: HERE the roleplay is PRIVATE. Meaning not just anyone can join/ not open to the general public. When you post a private roleplay, please specify who will be participating in it and do your applications over Private Messages.
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RP Rules & Guidelines
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