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 私の一日 II 【04/10/12】

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私の一日 II 【04/10/12】 Empty
PostSubject: 私の一日 II 【04/10/12】   私の一日 II 【04/10/12】 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2012 9:17 am

This happened yesterday so I'm going to put it as yesterday's date.

Yesterday it was the sports carnival & children's day concert! So no studying for a whole day! My sport was bring me home, and to play it, there will be 5 players. One in the middle will throw and catch the ball. The rest of the 4 must make a square around that player. First, the thrower/catcher will throw the ball in a clockwise direction. After that, the first person who got the ball, will throw it back to the thrower/catcher. The rest does the same one by one.

My class won, and I got first!

It was raining in the morning at 7 so we had the children's day concert first.
All the teachers of each level (Primary 1-6, age 7-12) will put an act/dance for that particular level. My level, the primary 5s, was extremely boring. The primary 2 teachers danced oppa gangnam style, and the Primary 4s was some really funny dutch's milk advert. My maths teacher who taught me last year got the main role of making another teacher drink the whole carton (it was fake though, made out of paper.)

Well, I could say the day was good for me, but my friend forced me to go out with him after school. :<

I'll post a picture of my medal later.
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私の一日 II 【04/10/12】
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