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 German Shepherd? c: [11-10-12]

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German Shepherd? c: [11-10-12] Empty
PostSubject: German Shepherd? c: [11-10-12]   German Shepherd? c: [11-10-12] Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 7:34 pm

I think we are getting a German Shepherd~! Do any of you have a German Shepherd? How are they? Do they shed a lot?
Anyways, I got a big pint of my favorite Ben And Jerry's and I'm happy c:
I went shopping today and got some really cute shirts that look all hipster like. And they were all on sale~
Girly Moment...
Haven't seen a lot of you for a while! Middle School can get a bit hectic, especially if you go to an all gifted school D:
Well I guess that's all!
Baii for now :3
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German Shepherd? c: [11-10-12]
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