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 This is my fracking day. [11/26/12]

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This is my fracking day. [11/26/12] Empty
PostSubject: This is my fracking day. [11/26/12]   This is my fracking day. [11/26/12] Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2012 7:32 pm

So, heres my fracking day:
1. I get up at 6:00. I fall asleep. I wake at 7:00. I fall asleep. I wake up at 7:30. Gotta be out in 10 minutes. Joy.
2. Math class. Not really. 8th grade work in 5th grade? Got a zero. Delightful.
3. Went to wait on line for the teachers. I was at the front. Every classmate that came behind me NEEDED to stay at least 5 ft. from me.
4. Went to class. Opened water bottle. Fond out I don't have February break. THANKS A LOT, SANDY!
5.Went to A.P. Actually had fun!
6. Had a nice lunch. Overate. Went to recess. Psych. I went to computer lab instead. Worked on movie. Partner this week ditched.
7. Went home from school. Found Elf On A Shelf. Did my hard homework.
8. Went to dance w/ mean girl. Was nice to me this morning, but she definitely gained some attitude.. and some weight
(lolz! she has baby fat! On her arms and thighs!) She wasn't precise, and she says SHE'S the best! I mean, she got into company and not me? HOW!?
9. Went home and logged on to Fantage Forum. Highlight of the day!

Tha end of ma fracking day!
Bu Byee!
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This is my fracking day. [11/26/12]
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