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 BB/HTML Codes!

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PostSubject: BB/HTML Codes!   BB/HTML Codes! Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2012 6:17 pm

Why Hello Everyone!

I am posting a topic on codes. Now I know most of you may all know a code or two, but this guide will expand your knowledge on them, and it is also helpful to newbies on the forum. So let's get started!

Color Codes
Now a color code is a code which you can type in any color you wish. First of all, you will need the HTML code for the color you want. So I recommend going to a site like: to choose a color. Now, once you have the code (you have to add this sign in front of it: # ) you shall use it for text. This is an example of colored text. See? This is a nice color of teal! The code is simple. Now I will be using an example color (the teal) but you have to go on that site and copy and paste in order to have the color you want. I will be using this code for the color: #29B9AA (teal)
 [color=#29B9AA] Now insert text here that you want to be colored.[/color]

Font Code
Now, you may want your font to look a little different from everyone else's, so why not change the font?
This is an example of a changed font.
To do that, you must have the font you want INSTALLED to your computer, in order for this to work. The code I am showing you guys is for the font "Comic Sans MS" you must simply replace that name, with the name of the font you want.
 [font=Comic Sans MS] Now you put the text that you want to be of the font you want, IN HERE! [/font]

This is the outcome: Now you put the text that you want, IN HERE!

Username Code
The username code is how other users can catch people like you and I's attention, instead of writing "Hey you, my name is Swimmer. Add me!" You would use the username code, and then the user who is reading it, their name will come up on the screen. This is a very easy code, it's only one thing.
 just put any text you want, A in front or behind it.
This is the outcome: Just put any text you want, A in front or behind it.

Text Size
To change the font of text, or a body of text you must use this simple code. It just changes the size.
 [size=18] Put the text you want IN HERE! [/size]
This is the outcome : Put the text you want IN HERE! Now, you can choose any size.. But I think this forum only allows a maximum of 25, to prevent S.P.A.M and flooding.

Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strikeout.
All of those are in the edit bar, so you don't need to use the code. Just simply highlight your text, and press the B the Italic Sign, The underline sign, or the S that is crossed off.

Adding A Youtube Video
Want to add a youtube video to your signature, a post, or even a topic? This code will help a lot. All you have to do is copy and paste the youtube code, today I will be using this link:
This is the outcome:

Spoiler Code
A spoiler is something used when you have a picture too big, and you don't want to stretch a page, or when you are just putting in a picture or something in it so it doesn't slow other's computers.
 [spoiler] Put whatever in here [/spoiler]
This is the outcome (click to open, click again to close:

Named Spoiler Code
A named spoiler is the same as a normal spoiler, but instead of the word "Spoiler:" there, it will say whatever word/sentence you like. It will most-likely be on something related to whatever is INSIDE the spoiler.
 [spoiler= See? This is a named spoiler]Put whatever in here[/spoiler]
This is the outcome:
This is a named spoiler:

Quote A Username Text
A quote a username text is if you would like to reply to someone on a topic, but multiple people have posted before you got to replying, or if you want to talk to them and not want anyone else to respond. This is a very useful tool that we all love! Remember, you must quote the username and you must get the username correct. We are going to use the admin's username, "Mace" for the example.
 [quote="Mace"] Fantage forum is a great place to be! [/quote]
This is the outcome:
Mace wrote:
Fantage Forum is a great place to be!
Another Person: I think Fantage form is a great place too!

Then you can reply. In the example I have put, is a reply to the quote.

Indirect Quote
An indirect quote is a quote, but instead of "Mace said" it would just say "quote" so that the person who said it wouldn't be centered out. This is also very useful.
 [quote] Then what they said here (copy and paste would work great) [/quote]

The outcome:
Quote :
Then what they said here (copy and paste would work great)

Adding an Image
There is a code for images, but in the edit bar there is something you can use to get the code. The thumbnail/icon is an image and a floppy drive. (Google Floppy drive, if you don't know what it is). The other image, is just a plain image. That is used for links to the image, if you don't have it saved.
This is what those thumbnails look like: BB/HTML Codes! Screen11
Just copy and paste the code/link under the heading "image" that it gives you and send! Presto, done!

Horizontal Scrolling Text
Now this may seem complicated, but it really isn't. It's scrolling text. This is what it looks like:
This is my scrolling text, isn't it awesome?
 [scroll] Then put whatever in here that you want to scroll[/scroll]
This is the outcome: Then put whatever in here that you want to scroll

Well, that's all folks! If I missed anything, please PM me and I will for sure add it to the list!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy using these basic BBcodes.


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BB/HTML Codes!
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