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 It's Friday and [1/18/13]

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It's Friday and [1/18/13] Empty
PostSubject: It's Friday and [1/18/13]   It's Friday and [1/18/13] Icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2013 6:39 am

Yeah, Its friday and I have a very bad mood because of my classmate. She is always feels like she is the best student, DUH! its just because her parents is donator of our school! Well, The Time That I really hate is today is my period ( Its for girls only) And then she gave me punch using her legs on my b**t -.- Arggg! Its sooooo ouch!. And yeah, Very bad mood!.. Argg! I really wanted to kick her punch her or what-ever,. Sooo thats all..
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It's Friday and [1/18/13]
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