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 Glass Soul ( Story by DBMD)

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Glass Soul ( Story by DBMD) Empty
PostSubject: Glass Soul ( Story by DBMD)   Glass Soul ( Story by DBMD) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2013 2:23 pm

Our souls are made of glass. Nothing but a piece of thick crystal, that seals away our ability to feel; our ability to love. Our ability to feel emotions. We were taken from our parents at a young age; we were chosen by someone; or something, I should say. Our memories were torn away from us, and sealed away in our crystal souls. We are like zombies. We are emotionless and do only what we are suppose to do: Take the bad out of humans and replace it with good.


Ooo, Jimmy, moms going to be so mad at you!! Shrieked the little girl, running around in circles. At me?! It was YOU'RE idea to play power rangers, Lily! the little boy yelled back. Was not! Was to! Was not! Was to! They kept bickering, until Aria decided it was time. Most think the little boy was the victim of the bad feelings; but it was the girl, also. Aria sighed, and froze the children. She absorbed the bad out of the children and placed it into her soul. Then, she unfroze them and carried herself away with her delicate white angel wings.

Most people think it would be great to have such talents. But only few guardians, including Aria, know about the bad part of this " Talent." Once you're crystal soul reaches the limit of the bad it can absorb and the good it gives out, It shatters and the once good guardians transform into demons. Demons are the source of the bad.

Aria felt her chest. It was quivering. No.. It can't be.. be happening! She let out a scream, and fell to the floor. Her soul was shattering. She went limb, and she turned into a demon.

The brand new Aria, Anti-Aria, lets call her, travelled around spreading so much bad; no demon had spread so much. She felt her chest. A black hole was there, but she was hurt. W-hat happens now? she thought. She fell to the floor, limb again.

When she woke up, she couldn't believe it.

She was alive.

She was human.

Wait, how was she?

She was human, her memory was back, her family knew her.

She was human.

I know it sucks, but I was really bored -__-
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Glass Soul ( Story by DBMD)
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