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 Our Movie is done! [2/16/13]

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Our Movie is done! [2/16/13] Empty
PostSubject: Our Movie is done! [2/16/13]   Our Movie is done! [2/16/13] Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2013 9:14 am

So yeah, I'am really happy because all of my hard work becomes successful ^^
So yeah, As I said to my previous topic here in '' Your Day thread '' I posted that I slept late to edit the video. And because of my sacrificial it become really nice~. I posted '' Our Movie '' in the '' Video Thread ''

I really laugh like a crazy when I was done uploading with our video because it was really successful!. And now I need to sacrifice again just to have many likes and view. xD.. Sooo~ I'll be expecting your likes guys. ^^


So, My classmate went in my house to help her edit the video because '' She don't know how to edit a video. And also she don't have the software I uses to edit our video. '' So yeah, I helped her. But instead, It went ugly. The effects were gone. The sound disappear. Sooo, She will come back tomorrow in 9am here in our house. xD.
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Our Movie is done! [2/16/13]
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