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 Awesome day 2/17/13

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Awesome day 2/17/13 Empty
PostSubject: Awesome day 2/17/13   Awesome day 2/17/13 Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2013 12:42 am

Ok so i got up and i had to go to weekend school, and we did some substitution and linear eqations, and we had a worksheet where there are equations with a number and letters and words. It was like 26=L of the A, which means 26 letters if the alphabet.Then me and some of my friends went to muvico ( so expensive ) to go see warm bodies. It was actually good. When we were waiting to be picked up these girls were staring at us and were following us to the outside of the theater, and they were looking at us. I told them to stop stalking us and they came over and said to my friend you look like Michele Philalophia, do you know her. We said no and they asked what grade we were in and they were a grade above us, and were annyoing about it. Then we got picked up and we were laughing about it the whole way home. So yea intresting day.

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Awesome day 2/17/13
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