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 Trading and Selling Things!

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Trading and Selling Things! Empty
PostSubject: Trading and Selling Things!   Trading and Selling Things! EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 3:16 pm

Im trading rare hair, boards, and accessories for this stuff:

Polar Bear Hat
Bunny Slippers
Cupid's Bow thing
Prom Hair
Chalk Board
Glowies (any colour)
Winter Green Hair
Bright Pink Hair
Blonde Bombshell Hair
Animated Frisky Blonde
Tootsie Pink Hair
Earthy Style Hair
...Those are SOME of the things I want. >.< (Have to be coined.)

Also, I'm selling this stuff. (COINED)

Old Fashioned Costume
Lovely Blue Dress
Acorn Costume
Sock Puppet
Sweet Style Hair
Red Cavewoman's Hair
Awesome Hair
Valkyrie Hair
AND..Yellow Glow.

I'm selling for regular price. [: Not like those people who put 50,000 eCoins for stuff. -____-

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Trading and Selling Things!
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