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 My Stories.

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My Stories.  Empty
PostSubject: My Stories.    My Stories.  EmptyFri Apr 19, 2013 2:06 am

So yeah, I know I'm gone awhile here in Fantage Forum because I enjoyed writing stories. I also know that my grammars are still not that good. ( Yeah, Thats my problem. )

So I just wanted to share my stories to you guys. :3.
Its not a short story though. And its still not complete.
And yeah, I've seen a website called where you could share your own stories so yeah, I've shared mine in there. xD. And that is the website where I'am writing.

Second Life.
My second life story is a fan fiction of the anime Sword Art Online and the manga 1/2 prince

My Happy Life.
This is a story about Vampires. :3

One Direction New Member.
This is also a Fan Fiction of One Direction :>

The World Of Fantasy
I don't know what to title this. So I just titled it ' The World of Fantasy ' I made this story because I was just bored. And its still not Complete.

My Stalker.
This is a story about stalkers. Lol. And I know its still not done yet. xD

The First Vampire.
This is a story about the first vampire also. Its already long but not complete.

Power of Love.
Yeah, This is the story I posted here on Fantage Forum title LoVe xD. But I only posted until chapter 3 in here forum but in that link its up to chapter 7.

The Haunted Hospital.
A scary but funny short horror story. xD.

Yeah, They are totally many. :3 I just wanted to know your opinion about my story. And yeah, Just don't mind the Grammar because I know it sucks. But if you could help me with the grammar I would be glad. :3
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My Stories.
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