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 College Girl Is Coming Home! 5/8/13

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College Girl Is Coming Home! 5/8/13 Empty
PostSubject: College Girl Is Coming Home! 5/8/13   College Girl Is Coming Home! 5/8/13 Icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 5:15 pm

Helloo Everyone,Today was by far the GREATEST.

I had Soccer practice 1st though 3rd period and it was the bomb,I did very well and my couch said he might rank me up higher than Im already am.

I'm a very fast runner,my mom always calls me long-legs.You don't really need to know that,but I'm gonna add it anyway.My couch made the girls and boys run around the track and field 10 times and it pretty easy,she let us stop for a 1 minute break and we continued running.

I went back to class,and my friend brought be a beautiful sun dress (: It fit me well it was a size Extra Small for Womens :DD My mom loved it too,like I mentioned I'm doing the talent show and we practiced today and it was totally great my music teacher applauded and said it was excellent.

After,I did a few classes and then went to Drum Practice were I play the drums and the other kids play different instruments,I say the Drums suit me well because in class I'm always tapping my pencils and making beats and its utterly amazing.

I hope I become a professional drum player when i'm older!
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College Girl Is Coming Home! 5/8/13
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