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 My meh day. (5/8/2013)

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My meh day. (5/8/2013) Empty
PostSubject: My meh day. (5/8/2013)   My meh day. (5/8/2013) Icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 5:31 pm

Hey everybody! So currently, my parents said i get to get my membership renewed and get some ecoins if I get my homework right, and i'm stuck with my math.. The Ol' Area and Perimetre. I got to solve 50 questions and i'm horrible at it. Perhaps i'll just cheat and use an online cauculator. So in the mean time, what shall i buy with my ecoins, do you think? (I'm guessing getting a Miku Hatsune costume in trade and sell)
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My meh day. (5/8/2013)
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