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 Work work work work.(03/09/13)

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Work work work work.(03/09/13) Empty
PostSubject: Work work work work.(03/09/13)   Work work work work.(03/09/13) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 11:16 am

Today I Came back to school no homework thank goodness.I have got an new headteacher called mrs.Mckinslay I got a new girl in my class called Gabriella i was like talking about my rabbit and she said Wow like in a mood like i think she wasn't interested.She will soon also at the beginning of the afternoon we played this game were a person sat on a chair in the front of the whiteboard and the teacher put a name on the whiteboard and we had to give the person clues of who the person was basically it was like guess who but you know you didn't have any cards.Like asking Does she/he have blonde hair you had like say she likes sports.Or she is really funny and has lots of friends.You couldn't say anything odvious like she plays with (Example) and (Example).So yeah i had a cool day not so bad as i thought!
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Work work work work.(03/09/13)
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