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 a very eventful day [24.10.2013]

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a very eventful day [24.10.2013] Empty
PostSubject: a very eventful day [24.10.2013]   a very eventful day [24.10.2013] Icon_minitimeFri Oct 25, 2013 2:29 pm

this is about yesterday because it was y'know, very eventful.
and just keep in mind that london is actually the most boring place in the world so even one slightly exciting incident is enough for me to talk about ok.

so i went to imperial college london as a two day long gifted and talented trip for year tens which is essentially like a longer version of school but anyway:

- so i was on a train ride back to the station with the people i went with on the trip and my phone wasn't on silent for some reason. my parents HAD to call me at that point and so my phone blasted a rather lovely ringtone of BABY BABY BABY OHHHHHHHHHH BABY BABY BABY OHHHHHHHH. everyone and i mean EVERYONE on the carriage stared at me and i just stood there crying with laughter and embarrassment. after that moment was over i just tried to casually shift the conversation back to something else (i think it was facebook newsfeeds or something)
- i missed the train station i was supposed to go to and so i ended up having to take ANOTHER train back to that train station. thank god i had someone with me who missed her train station too because if i didn't then i would probably cry.

the end.
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a very eventful day [24.10.2013]
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