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 Well then.... 12-10-13

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Well then.... 12-10-13 Empty
PostSubject: Well then.... 12-10-13   Well then.... 12-10-13 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 10, 2013 10:15 am

I'm sick. Again. It really stinks. Though I hate white days in school so huehuehue
WELL if you live by me you would know that there's a snow storm. Aha I grt to stay home and watch the snow It's huge!! Since I have a big yard, it's basically a winter wonderland.
That's it really, I just wanted to say that wow snow storms
I've also been tornadoing through books and animes lately so just ask me about what I read/watched.
woohoo what an amazing day then
maybe we'll get some more surprises later..... maybe..... I NEED A BOY TO CALL ME BACK GHGHGHH
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Well then.... 12-10-13
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