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 !!! ChitChatCity

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!!! ChitChatCity Empty
PostSubject: !!! ChitChatCity   !!! ChitChatCity EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 5:47 pm

ChitChatCity is an online virtual world that, unlike many other virtual worlds, allows you to create avatars on your own from scratch!!!
I joined right 2 days before getting bashed out kidzworld due to turning 18.....
Very fun game, you can make your own house or shop, or combine both....
I play it almost all the time, I have many friends there ^^ <<< PLAY NOW!!! Main page Not-so-decent forum - but still you can roleplay there....

Uses email-plus parental consent method (which means that if you are 12 or younger you must to put in parent's email).
Free, no premium membership.

Personal information requesting/collecting/usage:
For parental consent, requests and collects birth year and email. Uses almost none (except email for authorization)

Filters commonly known and used swear words, whole links (with "http://" prefix) and underscore ("_" symbol).
Nude/R-rated/H avatars are not allowed.
Talking on topics such as politics/religion, gender orientation is not acceptable.

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!!! ChitChatCity
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