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 Snowpiercer 8/7/14

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Snowpiercer 8/7/14 Empty
PostSubject: Snowpiercer 8/7/14   Snowpiercer 8/7/14 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2014 9:21 pm

This was last night and I was tired >_<

Well I watched it last night and basically its how global warming heated up the earth so people created CW 17 to stop it, but it worked too well and the earth became a giant popsicle. So this guy named Wilfred created a huge train that ran forever on the sacred and holy engine, which held an entire ecosystem of life in it (apparently) to keep human life going and some other animals and plants as well. It was so stupid and unrealistic that it was kind of cool.

And so the people riding in the back were treated horribly and they decided to overthrow the rich people in the front. Eventually they get to this classroom cart with little kids and a kindergarden teacher who is pregnant. This lady is supposed to help them through or get killed by them but instead the pregnant kindergarden teacher pulls out a machine gun and starts shooting everyone, and they all get ambushed thanks to her and barely escape.

She was such a nice lady.

So that was my day. How was yours?
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Snowpiercer 8/7/14
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