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 Ian Hecox Smosh Fan Fiction

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PostSubject: Ian Hecox Smosh Fan Fiction   Ian Hecox Smosh Fan Fiction EmptySun Dec 14, 2014 6:47 pm

Disclaimer: This is not mine!! I just thought this was really cool, so I decided to share it. The content rightfully belongs to Wattpad user smoshcentral. If you want to read the rest, the website I got this from was Wattpad and the user I got this from was smoshcentral .


    The quiet ones. That's what everyone called us. We were a small group of high school kids in the corner of the library. None of us really knew each other that well and nobody made an effort to get to know one another. Each of us had our own story to why we were quiet. Some of us had self-confidence issues, others simply didn't like social interaction. We seemed perfect, until one of us finally spoke up and decided to change everything. His name was Ian Hecox.

Peace!! Very Happy
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Ian Hecox Smosh Fan Fiction
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