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 Miku Expo!! (5/28/16)

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Miku Expo!! (5/28/16) Empty
PostSubject: Miku Expo!! (5/28/16)   Miku Expo!! (5/28/16) Icon_minitimeMon May 30, 2016 6:57 pm

I'm pretty sure the forum is dead by now, but why not post about my day? I mean, I did it literally all the time a few years ago (to the point I sort of cringe), so I guess I can do it now too.

Just like 2013, I'm just as much of a weeaboo vocaloid fan, so I went to a Miku concert on May 28th in NYC!

I got the VIP package (so worth it btw), so I tried to get there a few hours early so I could get a good spot in line. I actually was able to meet two of my internet friends from instagram! When I got inside, I had my dad get merchandise I wanted, while my friend and I went to get good spots to stand for the concert. We ended up only being four rows from the stage.

When Miku came on and performed "World is Mine", my first thoughts were "She's not as realistic as I thought, whatever"...Then, about half way through the song, I realized I was actually AT A VOCALOID CONCERT and I sobbed was super hyped! I cried six times times too.

Also as we were waiting in line, my internet friend gave out some pins that she actually drew and made, and the Crypton president was also walking around with a camera. I'm pretty sure I got filmed!

So yeah, pretty much I got to experience an amazing concert. My fifth grade self would have been proud, haha. It was honestly totally worth it, not just the actual projection was good, but the fans were SO KIND. The opening act (anamanaguchi) and the band that came with miku were also really awesome!

So overall, my day was amazing. I'm posting this topic late, but I'm still super hyped about it so?? I don't really think anyone will feel the need to respond to this, but thanks for reading all of this anyways.

Also, here's the only clear photo I got from the concert aha-
here's the meeks:
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Miku Expo!! (5/28/16) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Miku Expo!! (5/28/16)   Miku Expo!! (5/28/16) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2016 9:38 am

Awwwwwwesome~~~~~~ I am sorry for bumping it though.... just to make sure I'm there <3
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Miku Expo!! (5/28/16)
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