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 how's everyone been?

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how's everyone been? Empty
PostSubject: how's everyone been?   how's everyone been? EmptyFri Jun 24, 2016 10:59 am

This forum's a graveyard no lie

Yeah. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't come back here lol, but I'm posting to make an update
(seems like my awkwardness didn't change tho)

Anyway, from the last time I was active I've changed many thingsss
For one, now I'm really into KPOP (r.i.p) and I'm also learning a new language
Also, soon I'll be moving to a new house so that's that

A lot of stuff have changed since I first joined (, 2011..) and so many people have left. True, some new people have come but it still is very quiet.

I'm probably not really 'coming back', it's more like occasionally opening this website and being nostalgic haha.
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how's everyone been? Empty
PostSubject: Re: how's everyone been?   how's everyone been? EmptyMon Jun 27, 2016 3:37 pm

ahah i feel the same way. i check this forum every so often and cringe/laugh at my old posts. i miss those days ;u;
but i've been pretty good bc it's summer break!! although i'm bored half the time and it would really help if i had an active forum *cough cough* to go on and waste my time away.
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how's everyone been?
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