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 Nilla's Introduction ~ <3

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Nilla's Introduction ~ <3 Empty
PostSubject: Nilla's Introduction ~ <3   Nilla's Introduction ~ <3 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2016 9:15 pm

Hey everyone! My name is Nilla, some people call me Nye or Wafers. I started playing Fantage at about 2007-2008, when I was about 7 years young, with the username sango23 (I really liked watching Inuyasha and I was inspired to have it as my username, I honestly don't know where the 23 came from). I had Safe Chat and I didn't remember what e-mail I used, so that's when I made elinacandy (even though it has nothing to do with me Embarassed). I played Fantage non-stop until 2010-2011 ish when I got into Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox 360. The games I've played (not in order) over the years were: COD: MW2, COD: MW3, COD:BO2, COD: Ghosts (known as the biggest mistake silent), COD: Advanced Warfare, COD:Infinite Warfare, FIFA 15, Destiny, Minecraft, Dead Rising 3, CS:GO (PC, only for like 2 days), Trivial Pursuit LIVE, Grand Theft Auto V, + many more. You can tell that I'm a die hard gamer... as of the day I wrote this, I just bought a "gaming monitor" to use for the new setup I'm pursuing for Very Happy I played Destiny a lot before I started playing Minecraft on the PC (I played servers such as Nexus, Hypixel, Badlion, The Park ~ I was a moderator on that server), as well as before The Taken King DLC came out. My Titan, Hunter, and Warlock were all level 34 until I wasted about $100 on a DLC for a game that I eventually stopped playing... pale Anyways, more about me, my favourite colour has to be Lavender. I am currently a Sophomore in High School, and my ambition is to work at Microsoft. Idk what else to put here, but if you see me on then don't be afraid to say "hi" Smile
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Nilla's Introduction ~ <3
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