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New Fantagian

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hi!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: hi!!!!!   hi!!!!! EmptyThu Nov 04, 2021 1:46 pm


my username on here was I/loke, my fantage usernames were itsbleh/riley2777

i used to be a really toxic kid lol (esp during my most active times here), and messed up quite a bit irl as well

but that’s ok. i just turned 20 today and suddenly remembered this forum. i’m finishing my military service in my country, and i’m about to matriculate into university to pursue my studies in chemistry under a scholarship

i really had a lot of fun on here & fantage. but it’s p much dead and idk if anyone remembers me lmao

but hope y’all are doing well in your lives as much as i am, and maybe we’ll see each other soon or something? who knows
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