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 an old hello

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PostSubject: an old hello   an old hello Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2022 1:34 am

Yes, I know, "what is someone doing posting a new thread on an inactive forum board?" I was asking myself that too as I debated whether or not I wanted to post something in the off chance that someone may come across this. I don't remember the last time I checked in, but I think I would come online every once in a while a few years back just to see if anyone I knew checked on here too. Like honestly, ff was the first place where I made online friends--I miss that. So I just wanted to come on and say hi to anyone who remembers me and just to whoever comes across this.

You might have known me as poke or pokie or pokeranger! I was 10 when I joined this forum, and now I'm 22. It's so crazy how it's already been over a decade since this forum was busy and alive. I was looking through the old threads and laughed and remembered how simple life was. I graduated from college, I'm currently employed, and I haven't gotten too into gaming or forums right now. I kinda miss forums like this--I wonder if I should become more active in the discord servers I'm in haha. BUT anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Smile Life is definitely different from ten years ago, but the sentiment remains the same: I hope you're all living happy lives and doing well! Would love to reconnect with old friends if anyone is ever bored or gets sentimental and nostalgic like I do HAHA.

Much love,
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an old hello
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