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 [1/9/2023] Livejournal Cringialism

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[1/9/2023] Livejournal Cringialism Empty
PostSubject: [1/9/2023] Livejournal Cringialism   [1/9/2023] Livejournal Cringialism Icon_minitimeMon Jan 09, 2023 8:44 am

Posting drunken singing on Soundcloud
I've put off College Algebra for so long
Listening to Beach House on the flatscreen TV on Roku
Bullsh*t on nostalgia
Teenage angst I'm not listening to what everyone thinks
Unhinged thoughts or hinged mind
That's what the ghosts whisper to me
Religion and faith they cross divide
I've escaped the faith
I don't judge those who believe
It's simply grating me

Medicore macaroni and cheese
Why'd he turn to meth?
He was one of my 2010 best friends
In my secret garden, miss madonna
What could my power do
I can't fix you
That was the truth

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[1/9/2023] Livejournal Cringialism
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