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 Ello :P

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PostSubject: Ello :P   Ello :P Icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 5:21 pm

Um...i feel really welcomed here and like i can blog everything that i need.I just dont need ANYONE to get mad at me or hate me for ANY reason!I was gonna change my profile pic but i decided not to...anywayzzz um to some of the ppl on here who e-mail me my e-mail is currently not working but im thinking of making a yahoo account.....Im really bored right now and sad cuz tomorrow is school and we have tests but plzzz wish me luck on them so i can get grades higher than a's so i dont have to go to summer school!!!!!I only have 1 f which is in math but i need to get it up...1 f can bring me down and get me held back!!!Well imma close this i love u all and maybe we can be friends on fantage sometime or become rlly close friends...I havent been gettiing replies on my mail buuuut if anyone wants to add me i usallly except them all so and u can message me the first thing i do when i get on is check my mail so Smile

Duecezzzz !!!!!
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Ello :P
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