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 Eh. [11/7/11]

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Eh. [11/7/11] Empty
PostSubject: Eh. [11/7/11]   Eh. [11/7/11] Icon_minitimeMon Nov 07, 2011 10:08 pm

The title says it all.
Just kidding! The title says nothing. It had only two letters (no dur, Katie)! xD
Well my day started off with glorious school as always -_- Actually, it started off with rain! Very Happy I was really happy about that because it's been dry and stuff where I live lately. Plus we don't get much rain so it was awesome to wake up (unhappily at 5 am o.o) and hear it pouring out. c:
School was very boring. I had an annoying headache that bugged me all day. Except, math was awesome because we had a super easy test and I finished in about five minutes when he said it would be ok if we didn't finish by the end of the class. Heehee Razz (With all that extra time I read an amazing book!) When I got home from 6 1/2 hours of school, I did absolutely nothing but sit down and eat like three bowls of Rice Krispies. xD
That was pretty much all that happened worth knowing in my day... Oh and Adventure Time didn't record because of my annoying computer D: (Whatever. I think it was an episode I already saw anyway xD)
Well uh, bye bye. Time to go dry my hair and go to sleep!

I can't wait for Friday!! Going to be the BEST day off EVERRRR!! >:DDDDD
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Eh. [11/7/11]
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