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 Me day :o ♪11/8/11♪

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Me day :o ♪11/8/11♪ Empty
PostSubject: Me day :o ♪11/8/11♪   Me day :o ♪11/8/11♪ Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 1:50 pm

Hey everyone ^^

So I didn't get to write yesterday cause life was busy yesterday. Any who, today was "opposite me day" and I dressed as a prep XD. I also should be marching in the parade with the band for homecoming but I got dates mixed up so I might not be able to go. Which is okay 'cause my reed split in half anyway so my tone and stuff really annoys me.
Speaking of band one of the drum majors helped me with my 4/4 (common) time conducting I just get off beat towards the 'and' of beat four But I'm working on it :3

Hoping everyone else's day has gone well <3
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Me day :o ♪11/8/11♪
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